Before I set foot in Holland, seeing a tulip or windmill is the only goal. However, upon arriving there, I realized that the Netherlands not only has a charming nature, but also keeps history and rich artwork. The stretch of art and culture was throbbing in various places, from Amsterdam, The Hague, to Utrecht. While there, I had the opportunity to visit the following three museums in the Netherlands:

1. Heineken Museum
Drinking beer seems to be an inseparable part if you’re in the Netherlands. Especially if you drink it while chewing cheese which is also one of the flagship product of this country. In the Netherlands, Heineken is one beer that is quite dominating because of its reputation of quality and taste. Therefore, I feel incomplete if not visiting this Heineken brewery.

To gain a thorough experience, I took the Heineken Experience tour. A tour that will bring visitors to history, the people behind the brewing, the Heineken production process, until his journey became one of the world’s leading brands. All tours can be enjoyed with tickets costing 18 euro for adults, 12.50 euro for children 12 years old and free for children under 12 years old.

I really enjoyed this 1.5 hour tour. The tour guides are interactive, far from being bored. Moreover, I and all tour participants can directly try this beer in the final session. If bringing children fewer than 18 should be accompanied by adults and cannot try beer. As a souvenir, do not forget to order Heineken with your name printed directly on the bottle.

The location of this place is Stadhouderskade 78, 1072 AE Amsterdam, Netherlands

2. Van Gogh Museum
It’s no secret; Amsterdam is a city of artists. However, from dozens of museums, I decided to visit the Van Gogh Museum, a museum that is touted as one of the most popular museums in the world. Sure enough, upon arriving there, someone who is not very art-spirited like me was immediately captivated by Vincent Van Gogh’s collection of more than 200 paintings.

Not only can the results of his work, visitors also browse the life story of the maestro through the collection of letters stored in this museum. Life painters born March 30, 1853 is full of turmoil because often felt depressed with the results of his work, coupled with psychiatric disorders that he suffered? Even so, the works of the maestro until now still sought and including works that are valued very expensive.

In addition to his work and life story, the museum’s two-part interior is also fascinating. The Rietveld Building, as a major part of the museum, became an area to showcase its core collections. On the first floor, Van Gogh’s works are exhibited in chronology of events. On the second floor, visitors can get information about painting restoration. The third floor, visitors can return to enjoy the works of the painter who died on 29 July 1890. Meanwhile, in the Kurokawa Wing section, visitors can view exhibits regularly.

After browsing the museum, I just pray that Van Gogh can be calm in the hereafter because his life and his work – which he thought was a failure – actually inspired many people. Evidence, millions of people comes to this museum every year to learn from the works and the story of his life. Prepare 17 euro for adult admission and free for visitors under 18 years old.
The location of this place is Museumplein 6, 1071 DJ Amsterdam, Netherlands

3. Miffy Museum
Miffy or better known as Nijntje is one of the cute rabbit characters that is very adorable in children’s books. The character of this white rabbit was born from the cold hand of the Dutch-born illustrator Dick Bruna in 1927. Since then, Nijntje’s popularity has skyrocketed into other parts of the world. However, this name is still quite foreign in Indonesia. So famous, Nijntje has a new museum that opened in February 2016.

It’s popularity also attracted my attention, even though I was not a child. The museum is open every Tuesday to Sunday, at 10:00 to 17:00 pm local time has several parts. At Miffy’s House, visitors can play a puzzle or watch a movie. In the ‘zoo’ section, visitors can learn to know the animals. Overall, the museum invites visitors to interact with Dick Bruna’s artworks. To enjoy it, prepare 8.50 euro or 20 euro for a family package.

Satisfied playing in the museum, I visited the Centraal Museum which is located opposite the Miffy Museum. Here is the center of Nijntje trinkets in various forms. It starting from dolls, postcards, ceramics, to tableware for babies and adults. The cute accessories that are sold can make anyone fall in love. By shopping here, the fans no longer need to doubt the authenticity of the purchased product.

The location of this place is Agnietenstraat 2 3512 XB Utrecht, The Netherlands