The roads to Western Australia do not stop just until the city of Perth alone. Try a road trip to other destinations, you will find another charm from Western Australia away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Here are four destinations for a road trip in Western Australia:

1. Gibb River Road
The view of red rocks, canyons and farm animals is the kind you will encounter along Gibb River Road in the Kimberley area. Drive 4-wheel drive or 4 Wheel Drive from Derby to Kununurra You can stop by to see freshwater crocodiles at Windjana Gorge National Park and swim, walk across the bush and camp at Lennard and Bell Gorges.

2. Golden Quest Discovery Drive Trail
Another challenging track is the Golden Quest Discovery Drive Trail that spans 965 kilometers between Coolgardie to Laverton. This trek can be reached about 7 hours from Perth, and get ready to meet Niagara Dam, an artificial lake is now a fun place to picnic or spend the night in the tent. Also enjoy the wildflower fields near Kalgoorlie.

3. Yallingup area
In this area you will find cool surf spots, beautiful beaches, fine wines, ancient caves and incredible sunsets. Just three hours drive south from the city of Perth, you can feel the fascinating natural attractions.

4. Wool Wagon Pathway
For those of you who want to drive for a few days, Wool Wagon Pathway can be your destination. This line will take you from Geraldton to Exmouth. The rich journey of wildflowers, this wilderness will end on the edge of the blue ocean that will bring you together with a number of unique sea creatures.
Along the way, you will also cross Ningaloo rocks that are part of the world heritage, where there are 500 species of fish and 300 types of rocks that can be easily reached from the shore. Ningaloo is also the best place to meet one of the greatest creatures in the ocean, whale shark or whale shark between March and July each year.