There is always a way to enjoy the city of Melbourne and its surroundings. One of them is by watching a movie show. Well, to get a different sensation, you can try watching it in outdoor cinema or outdoor. When are you going to watch a movie while you enjoy the beauty of the panorama of cities in the state of Victoria, Australia? Here are the recommendations of six outdoor theaters:

1. The Backlot Rooftop Drive-in
Open air cinema located in Dockland can accommodate up to 65 vehicles and has a 360-degree viewing screen of glowing Melbourne city lights. The Backlot Rooftop Drive-in offers blockbuster movies like Leon and The Godfather. For those who arrive without a car, there is a special seating area on the blue-deck that is warm and comes with headphones. The cinema is open from 20.00 every day. Prepare tickets for 40 AUD / car or 10AUD / person for those who do not bring the car.

2. Cameo Outdoor Cinema
With a beautiful Dandenong Ranges background, Cameo Outdoor Cinema shows newly released movies like Moonlight (Oscar’s best film), Logan, and Beauty and the Beast. In addition to offering new movies, this cinema also organizes interesting activities, namely Bring Your Pet Nights. At this time you can bring pets, and movie lovers are also allowed to bring their own picnic lunch. Although the venue has been in operation for 10 years, Cameo Outdoor Cinema remains one of the best watch spots.

3. Dromana Drive-in
When you visit this location, you will be reminded of the drive-in atmosphere of the 1960s. Dromana Drive-in is a great place to watch movies while you’re nostalgic. The screen used in Dromana is the oldest cinema screen in Victoria, Australia, dating from 1961 and still in use today. This outdoor cinema also features Shel’s Diner, inspired by “Mel’s Diner” at Universal Studios in California, USA.

4. Lunar Drive In
Lunar Drive-in is located Dandenong stood since May 4, 1956 with a single screen of wood and space that can accommodate 650 cars. This open-air cinema is Australia’s largest vehicle cinema with four screens displaying all the latest blockbuster movies. In this cinema location there is also Lunar Cafe, which offers classic Australian cuisine.

5. Moonlight Cinema
Nestled on a hilltop in the middle of the Royal Botanic Gardens Botanical Gardens with an urban skyline offering dramatic backdrops, Moonlight Cinema offers a movie-watching experience in the classic open spaces. Food Trucks available to anyone who needs food and large pillows are also available for rent. Alternatively, movie lovers can bring their own picnic and cushion equipment, or any other option to pay a small extra fee to enjoy the convenience of a Gold Grass. This cinema door opens at 7 pm.

6. Rooftop Cinema
One of Melbourne’s favorite bars is located in a building transformed into a seven-story outdoor cinema over the summer. Rooftop Cinema started showing the movie from 21.30 pm from 3 December 2016 until 27 April 2017. While the rooftop bar is open every day, with the hours of operation from noon until 1 o’clock in the morning, so the movie lovers can stay longer after the movie is over. Mesa Verde, just one floor below Curtin House on the 6th floor, serves food inspired Mexican culinary with an atmosphere inspired by a Mexican drinking place