by: Jual Akun Adsense

Maximizing the revenue google adsense could be different by each blog owner and before stepping to the topic title above we must know first about the terms. To be a google adsense publisher is very difficult because the criteria blogs and articles in it must be articles or original content not copy paste and do not post articles and do not present pirated software, or gambling blog. This kind of blogs will not get approved by Google Adsense

The paid from ads that are clicked by visitors is sometimes very low, and you have to get $100 in order to get paid out, There are several factors and tips to earn money from google adsense this.

9 Tips to Maximize Adsense Earning

1). Increase Visitor / blog visitors

With the increase of visitors to the blog then income will increase, The quality of the articles, weighted, unique, difference with others, and articles should be 400 words can be up to 2500 words, the article must be on seo optimization and seo off page in order to compete with competitors and win the competition with the same keywords.

2). Create custom channel ad [custom channel]

Increase google adsense revenue in a highly recommended way in google adsense settings such as creating a special channel google adsense ads, please create your own channel new custom channel name, this way is very dominant because advertisers will come because you have targeted the ad unit is also the size and custom channel name to advertisers, then as advertisers will benefit because ads will appear by publishers from the same relevant blogs as well.

For example your blog explains about sports then adspun will appear themed sports then as a visitor when it has read your article it will see the relevant ads the same as the relevant article and there is a legitimate click.

3). Optimize ads below the article

According to our judgment the ad advertising scripts that are stored under the article have high or most click value, why the ads under the article posting have many clicks? because visitors who come usually want to read the article first and after menscrool down ads will appear and have a relationship with the article above, until a valid click.

4). The ad format must be max

As a publisher of google adsense ads you should know what factors that can maximize google adsense revenue, one of which selects ads with the size that is usually already given by google adsense through your email like the size that many advertisers often load ads in the format size 300 x 250- -336 x 280 and 300 x 600 also 250 x 250 size is often used a lot of advertisers load ads and will increase revenue for higher.

Please edit the ads on the adsense dashboard settings, prepare 3 ad units to be placed on the blog page, then select the type of text ads only and later that only the text ads, why choose a text ad type? because according to google very high text ad requests and lots of clicks from text ads with percentage reaches 60% and 38% in the form of image ads for flash and other ads.

For example, if you put an ad for a jumbo size 300 x 600 text ad type, try checking for a link click on your first blog url then the ad appears a text ad only and the space feels empty, but the unique text fish will appear after you or the visitor opens your blog page a second time or more then the ad will appear more than 2 text ads sometimes up to 7 text ads with preferred ads and CPC / CPC price is expensive, well this proves the needs of advertisers know many requests in text ads.

Long and relevant articles for visitors to stay and click on other links will be attracted to the ads that appear varies in number, after which increased andsense CPC will usually be high and legitimate clicks on the second blog page and so on because the ads appear a lot and varies on this 300X600 ad size.

To keep an invalid click (click false / unauthorized) I observed one IP address of the device from visitors more than 5 clicks of advertisements (fake clicks) on a single blog page and can be checked by searching through the outgoing link for that IP address by using the statscounter widget which in pairs on the blog, please block the suspicious IP when clicking ads like before for one IP earlier.

5). Showing only adsense ads

One of maximizing adsense revenue is just one blog showing google adsense product ads that exist in your blog, do not have 2 or more advertisers other than google adsense because it will reduce your adsense earnings and click the ads will be reduced, visitors who click on ads will be divided.

6). Loding blog light

Not only to increase adsense revenue factor this one is encouraged by google itself for a lightweight blog because blogs usually have the fastest loading biasaanya perched on google SERP, and visitors will not open your link when url link blog heavy then he moved to another blog url with search according to our blog, with blog ringa then adsenspun revenue will grow and ads will appear perfect on the blog page.

7). Overcoming click fraud google adsense ads

The deliberate visitors click on ads blindly without the accompanying other urls in the open a lot then pengasilan your blog will be low because the ad clicks are invalid, bpknya small and most fatal google adsense account disable / banned, to overcome click fraud with plugin fraud clik to inhibit address IP is cheating.

8). Selection of ad colors and fonts

The selection of fonts and colors of ads is very helpful to maximize google adsense revenue, please edit the edit settings for the colors and fonts ads that will be posted on the blog page, preferably the font color and color match with tekt like in your blog to look similar and increase many clicks do not deceive yes.

9). Ad limit is just 3 units of adsense

Ad serving on one page maximum of 3 unit just because as visitor will feel calm to read article without disturbed many advertisement, if advertisement exceed 3 benchmark of PPC ad unit hence visitor will feel confused to see article or advertisement lay cover of field of article of blog post, karerna felt uncomfortable many visitors will be blurred, and do not make pop up ads are not lost when cancel make kesel, if canceled even go to url ppc ad, so kapok not want to come again see your blog url.

The google adsense policy of 2017 is now different ie a blog or website can advertise more than 3 units, can install 4, 5, 6, 7 with ad notes must be adjusted with lots of contents on your article / content, give visitors best experience as readers blog / website.

That’s a simple tips how to maximize google adsense revenue so hopefully useful, thanks.