The new air knife offers systems that use global expertise to complete work, save energy in a short time and receive additional costs for product flexibility.

Packers with food processors require faster channels, fewer occupations, and more flexible and more efficient operation of the vacuum cleaner. Engineered Blower and Air Knife solutions deliver exceptional performance and load guarantees on customers’ shoulders. Some examples, surface water / humidity should be removed linear material completely linear, appropriate thickness control is required, or removed, it is solid or debris that needs to be removed static. The new air knife presents a standard for everyone. Hygiene air knifes and HEPA filters can also be used to handle the most demanding requirements.

Some time ago, the meat packaging company contacted Air Systems, a company with demanding dry applications. They need a way to dry packaged meat products before they are delivered. Removing moisture from the package surface is relatively easy, but the important issue is packet size. The cut shape and length of each meat is not the same – How do we maximize the efficiency of the air knife drying system?

Air Knife Could Save Energy

The Water knife system of this type has a height that can be until the packet passes (inefficient low packing), or packets for processing (time consuming) required to be adjusted continuously on the base Knifes will not be installed at altitudes which can automatically maintain the optimum air knife. High regardless of package form. Use minimal magical power to make sure the product has dried. Automatic wind knife system, target size can be used for all other uses.

Air blade systems are designed to meet the strict air-cleaning requirements of the food and beverage industry. Includes stainless steel components and high quality food such as inline HEPA filters, sanitation air blades with clamps, and sanitary butt welding joints for direct food and beverage contact. Each system includes a dual filtration system with two pre-filters and two-micron polyester filter / silencer, ensuring only filtered and filtered air can reach the product.