Best Way to Install Car Roof Racks
Best Way to Install Car Roof Racks

Car roof racks is often used for loading extra items on the car for special purpose, like for camping, picnic, going to the long distance place, and so on. However, it shouldn’t be installed recklessly, since it is related to the safety matter of the car owner and other car driver on the street. There are some important aspects that car owner should mind before installing it.


This step is the most important before the car roof racks installation. This way is to determine the laying position of it. The position in the middle does not only apply to more advanced or more backward options, but also the position between the right and left in the cross bar.Measure the distance in between the cross bars. Precision is important to support the perfect roof box and roof rack construction. Adjust the distance instruction with the manual. The best way to position the roof rack or roof box in the middle.Do not be too left or right because it will affect the car load so uneven.Because if it missed, it will interfere with the car motion while driving.

Maintain the Fulcrum

Carrying heavy items is the purpose of car roof racks installation, then the maintaining the fulcrum becomes a very important thing in its installation. The pivot point is obtained from the existence of roof rail. MPV, SUV and Jeep are usually had equipped with roof rail. In case your car does not have a roof rail, then you need to install it first. Once the roof rails are installed, then all you need to do next is to install a cross bar, for supporting the roof rack. Then, measuring roof rack size should also be adjusted to the size of roof rail. The tip is try to keep the midpoint of the component in the middle of your car.

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