Georgia Tbilisi City

Georgia became an independent state since 1991. Atmosphere as the capital is surely interesting. On the one hand looks modern elements for their subway and wide streets and orderly. On the other hand, there are still many old buildings bear witness to the history of Georgia from before independence in advance, even since the days of empire.

From a distance it looks a statue of a woman standing upright on a hill. Kartlis Deda sculpture, which is also known as the Mother of Georgia, standing on top of Mount Sololaki since 1958, coinciding with the celebration of the 1,500 anniversary of the Tbilisi City. There is Statue of woman wearing national dress that symbolizes the national character of Georgians. The left hand holds a bowl of wine to welcome that come as a friend, while the right hand holds a sword to welcome who come as enemies.

Kartlis Deda when the statue was quite late, bridge called The Bridge of Piece which connects the old town and the new town in Tbilisi even futuristic. Inaugurated in 2010, the bridge was using motion sensors in the left and right side of the iron handle to activate special light movement that gives the impression the bridge lights on, when there are people who set foot on the platform across. I was back and forth several times because of admiration in the form of a bridge that was striking in the midst of this town seem ancient.

From the main road, I started check into the small streets in the old town area of Tbilisi. In the middle of the buildings of glass and iron tend to be uniform and lifeless, in small street looked structures loudly showing its unique character.

The Leaning Tower of Tbilisi is actually not the old building. However, for 30 years, Rezo Gabriadze, a wooden puppet player, using materials from old buildings were abandoned or destroyed by the earthquake to build the theater. Completed in 2007, four years later he added a sloping clock tower next to the theater which is now becoming one of the typical architectural sights in Tbilisi.

I found a recommendation where to eat unnamed serves specialties Georgia. I went into a cafe with a warm home atmosphere. Some of the cats were having asleep on cushions on the couch were empty.

Luckily, they had a menu in English. I also ordered khinkali, which he said was typical foods Georgia. Khinkali is shaped like Chinese dumplings, but it was bigger and thicker skin. I once read an article on how to eat this khinkali. He said the skin on the tip of the bud should not be eaten away. Not because of the myth, but to make it easier to calculate the number khinkali who devour before paying.

From Tbilisi, leads me to the northern part of Georgia, exactly 10 km from the border between Georgia and Russia. There is a village that is very interesting because the view of the surrounding mountains were spectacular. Stepantsminda is still often referred to by its old name, Kazbegi, famous sights and natural attractions, which is part of the Great Caucasus Mountains.

In addition to the museum as well as a small church in the city center, iconic buildings in the area Kazbegi Gergeti Trinity Church is located at an altitude of 2,170 meters at the foot of Mount Kazbek.

Gergeti Trinity Church also known by the name Tsminda Sameba in Georgian language, or the language of Holy Trinity Church in Britain, built in the 14th century. Which makes this church visited by many tourists is the location that has a beautiful mountain backdrop, with snow almost all year round. Color field around him change depending on the season. Sometimes green overlays decorated with colorful flowers, sometimes brown contrasts with the snow around him.

To reach the church can be reached by 1-2 hours walk from the village of Kazbegi, or about 30 minutes a jeep ride through the woods and winding streets. From there to be trekking a few hours to reach the glacier at an altitude of 3,000 meters above sea level and hire a guide if it is to reach the summit of Mount Kazbek (5033 masl).

Initially I was walking from the village of Kazbegi, then wondered to the local population. I wonder what my husband and I were wrong, or indeed the track as it was, we had to pass through large rocks along the wire fence is behind the village. Not long after we entered the forest area which gradually increasingly steep path. We had to be crawling on the green hillside that somewhat sandy soil.

I then heard the roar of a car that seemed to be passing lane winding streets. Once we arrived at the roadside after climbing the slope, the car apparently saw us and stopped. With sign language, he asked us to get into his car. We also direct entry and grateful. However, because she could not speak English, there is no meaningful communication between us.

After a few more times sharp bend in the road is very bumpy and slippery areas because there are several layers of ice, eventually the car we were riding up to an open area. Suddenly three of us equally amazed and holding her breath when she saw the sights Gergeti Trinity Church which stands a few hundred meters in front of us, on a hilltop with a background of snowy Mount Kazbek gorgeous.

The car stopped in the parking area below the church and I also like to thank you once again. Our helper man apparently part of a group that is already up there before. Chances are they the Russians are willing to do the shooting because it looks some camera equipment.

Enjoying the beauty around Gergeti Trinity Church, I was walking again to return to the village. This time I chose the street car and not through the forest. It turns out, is much easier and faster. Along the way I passed through layers of thin ice has begun to form due to cold weather.

Arriving at the home stay, we were treated to hot tea and fruits mother home stay owners were very attentive. The next night was closed by the delicious dinner cooked directly in the kitchen of the mother, including cheese and homemade pickles. That night I slept soundly on the fireplace accompanied by warm air of simple struggled to beat the winter night air.

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