Trip to Scotland Balmoral Castle

I visited Scotland, as a journey designed to celebrate my own 30th birthday. Here are some notes on my trip.

After sleeping soundly in Meldrum House with exhaustion and intake of whiskey, the next morning I woke up with a fresh body. From the window of the room, I caught sight of a green nature in the shade of mist and gray skies, as if there are Dementors (vacuum happiness creatures in the Harry Potter series).

Our main goal is to Aberdeen to visit Balmoral Castle, privately owned castle Windsor family (name of family dynasties who ruled the British Empire at this time). Queen Elizabeth II and other royal members will stay at Balmoral Castle over the summer, namely August to October. This castle is a favorite of Queen Victoria who ruled the British Empire in 1937-1901.

Balmoral Castle is located in Deeside, Aberdeenshire, which is taken almost 3 hours drive from Medrum House by car. At Balmoral Castle, visitors are not allowed into the private rooms of the family work. Visitors are only allowed to see the ballroom, where a display of miniature history of Scotland: weapons, tartan, emblem of the noble families, jewelry, until highland games. There is also shown Fashion Queen Elizabeth II using materials typical of Scotland.

After getting an explanation from the staff of the castle, I had lunch at Café Balmoral. In April, May, June and July, this cafe provides a full menu, among them the meat broth typical Castle Balmoral which can be enjoyed with warm bread, baked potatoes, venison burger (burger venison), also salmon salad (in the area of Deeside this flowing River Dee which is famous for salmon fishing when the spring). Assorted sandwiches are also available in the refrigerator.
Flour fan base, I chose lunch with a piece of large-sized scones (which turned out to be hard) with strawberry jam. It is not worth as lunch. But, when else would I get to enjoy the scones at Balmoral Castle, is not it?

After dinner, we went to Crathie Parish Church, the church where the usual royal family worships on Sunday morning, which can be taken just a few minutes by car from Balmoral Castle. The church is only a tiny, gray with a triangular roof peaked, standing majestically in the shade of the pine tree trunked slim.

On either side of the narrow paved road that leads right to the door of the church, grow yellow daffodils (because often see the daffodils, I so fell in love with flowers often become the object of painting the Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh’s). Among the graceful daffodils was placed garden chairs made of wood with the words: “May all who sit here be content and happy”.

The church was actually an ordinary village church, but are chosen by Queen Victoria who loved Balmoral to worship at once mingle with commoners. Queen Victoria (bust chest placed in one corner of two walls meeting in front of church) greatly contributed to this church, including a well-preserved is a velvet pouch from people donating.

Next, I went to Royal Lochnagar, a small whiskey-making factory, founded by John Begg in 1845. The name is derived from the name Lochnagar Lochnagar Mountain, located in the region. While the name Royal added after distillation place visited Queen Victoria and her husband, Prince Albert, on 12 September 1848. At the end of the visit, the Queen turned out like whiskey made from one type of malt production Mr. Begg, so distillation is chosen to be one of the suppliers of scotch for the royal family.

During April to October, this place receives visitors who want to see the process of making whiskey, although visitors are strictly prohibited photographing activity within the factory. In addition, the phone must be turned off when you sign into a distillation, because it was feared the signals would interfere with sophisticated equipment and cause a fire.

Whiskey distillation is one part of the agricultural community tradition since ancient times as a way to earn money. Farmers in Deeside average have a private whiskey distillation. This area is remote, but the taste of whiskey produced from this popular area is nice and in demand all over Scotland. Making new whiskey legally regulated in 1780.

In this place, we can make whiskey testing and learning more from experts. Learn how to recognize the aroma of whiskey, liquid consistency and taste of whiskey. In addition, I also found out that drinking whiskey can be coupled with a bit of water to reduce the ‘strength’, without reducing pleasures.