How do we choose suitable runners choice shoes
How do we choose suitable runners choice shoes
Most running shoes feel good when we try them at the store. But the real condition will only be felt when we used to run a few kilometers. That’s when we realize that the right running shoes for us is not dependent on the brand, but on many things, including where we run, the running style and the shape of our feet.
How do we choose suitable running shoes? In addition to colors, shapes, and prices, here are some of the more important things to be considered before you buy them:
When you plan on buying running shoes, where will you use them? Is it on a road running, on a treadmill, or on a rocky surface?
“In choosing running shoes, surfaces and running places should be a consideration. Whether it’s a treadmill, a street or a wilderness as well as indoor or outdoor, it affects the right shoe choices, “says expert from
In general, road running shoes are designed to be worn on flat and hard surfaces such as asphalt. Shoes of this type are equipped with bearings to reduce the impact and to make the wearer step stable.
While trail-running shoes are designed for use on rocky, muddy surfaces, with various obstacles such as tree roots and grass. Shoes of this type are equipped with anti-slip soles and shapes and special materials to provide support, stability, and foot protection.
Cross-training shoes are slightly different, as they are designed for use in a gym or fitness center. Usually cross-training shoes provide balance to the wearer through soles and thick pads.
People run with different styles. Some like to jog for fitness. Some run at high speed (sprint), some run 5000, 10000, or long distance runs like marathons.
For each of these categories and running styles, shoemakers provide the appropriate type of designation.