Before you decide to go to a rental
Before you decide to go to a rental

There are times when going home using a vehicle remains an option. The reason other than cheaper, bring your own car can facilitate activities in the hometown.

For those of you who do not have a private car, then usually will do car rental, therefore before you decide to go to a rental and book a rental car at, here are the things that you should pay attention to first

This is the first step that must be done. The goal is the allocation of funds that you will spend can be appropriate. Decide the type of vehicle before hunting a rental car.

To make your cost more efficient, try to price comparison among some car rental. Find rentals that provide attractive offers and deals.

In addition, make sure whether the rent is still added with other costs such as warranty money. Also calculate the excess costs if you are late to return the car.

Remember, the risk of driving can be caused by the condition of the vehicle itself. When you bring a car that is not in top condition, the life of the stakes. Moreover, you will travel far away with loved ones.

Try checking the car itself by looking at the engine before renting. If necessary, test to feel for yourself whether the car is still comfortable to ride or not.

You will travel far. In addition, you can not guess what will happen on the road. Could be, the path you are going to experience congestion. For that, always choose a vehicle that is fuel efficient.

Ask the owner of the vehicle how much fuel consumption of his vehicle during this time. Previously, you can also research on the internet for cars with the most fuel-efficient fuel consumption.

Everything can happen when you travel long distances. It could be the car you selected in good condition. But suddenly the car broke down on the way. To be safe, try looking for a rental that has many branches.

This step is important enough that you can request a replacement car as soon as possible. For Safer, look for rentals that also have service networks in the cities that you will be passing later. Better yet, if there is a 24-hour service ready at any time to help you out someday.

Going back to village would be unpleasant if the mind is not calm. Because the car you use is a rental vehicle, you are always burdened and extra careful that the car is not damaged.

For that, always use a car rental that provides insurance coverage in it. In addition to vehicle insurance, also protect yourself and your family with other important insurance such as health insurance and life insurance.