BNA Studios today has launched the latest game called Brawl of Ages, a game that requires collecting cards and arena 1 vs. 1 is already available in Steam with Early Access service. This game has a gameplay that is similar to Clash Royale popular mobile game, but has different graphics, touch and background sounds that reminds us of Warcraft 3 games.

Like the card collection game, in Brawl of Ages you are required to create a deck with 10 cards and different uses, besides it must also be able to set the strategy in play. You can already try this game with the Early Access service, but there are still many features that have not been presented in the Brawl of Ages game. You can make decks and play as many as 2 games to unlock existing modes like Big Brawl Boards, Roullete and many more.

Currently MOBA game is loved by many smartphone users. Not only in Indonesia, but also in the world. Call it Vainglory games, Mobile Legends and Mobile Arena. Do not want to fall behind feel the sweetness of MOBA game share, Supercell who had success with Clash of Clans and Clash Royale was released MOBA Brawl Stars game. This game is reportedly ready to shift the popularity of Mobile Legends, really? In contrast to Clash Royale that brings a lot of Clash of Clans typical characters, such as Barbarian, Archer, Goblin, and others; Supercell did not take them in the MOBA Brawl Stars game. Nuance is different, because it is not a spin-off.

Funny characters like Shelly, Dynamike, Spike, and others will spoil you in the Brawl Stars. In addition, the latest MOBA game from Supercell brings the feel of an exciting cowboy.Many website provide information about Clash Royale Hack. Check out the following video gameplay: As a MOBA game, you can fight three against three in an arena that is available. Like Vainglory games, this game character control system uses touch points instead of virtual pads like Mobile Legends. Reporting from Touch Arcade, there are three game modes that you can play in the Brawl Stars, namely Bounty, Heist, and Showdown. So you will not bored if playing this game.