Gold is the main matter in the game of Clash Royale. This popular game have played by many game players from all over the world, and become very addictive for many people. In order to run the game, players need to equip their character to win the game.

In fact, it is not an easy task to equip the player with best items, since the best items need gold to purchase it. Therefore, Clash Royale lovers will need to have many gold as possible in order to purchase the items they wanted. In that case, the Clash Royale hack have created to help player to reach the goal.

Then, how is the way for Clash Royale hack to get the Gold? There are two ways, by installing certain application or by accessing to the website. The earlier way needed player to install the application for hacking the Clash Royale in their cell phone which they used for gaming the Clash Royale. In some cases, player need to root their cell phone which can cause to losing memory in the phone. In case you want to do it, make sure you have backed up all your items and memories in the external folder, so that it won’t lose after rooting. Then, don’t forget to logout from your Clash Royale account first beforehand, to save your latest games. After rooting, you can play the game and then insert the amount of Gold you want in the application, and afterward you will get the amount of the gold you wanted.

The second way of Clash Royale hack is a bit simpler, which you can just type the website for hacking the Clash Royale. After accessing to the website, then insert you username which is used in your Clash Royale game. Afterward, insert the amount of Gold which you want to get. Then, you check to your account and you will have the exact amount of the Gold which you want. In case you still don’t accept it, there might be problem in the server, and you can try it again.