Guilin Reed Flute Cave

It has been quite a long time since my last post for this website. Actually I always have great interest in traveling and the best way to do it is by being a backpacker. I have been to Guangxi,China several months ago and only have time to post it now as I have been so busy with real life activities.

This time I went there with my gals.It was quite a tough journey as not all directions and clue written in English.Most of the guidance in the street was written in Chinese language.

Is it safe to being fun backpacker there?

From my experience, I can say that it is quite safe. Just don’t let down your guard. Don’t walk alone in the street in the middle of the night when you don’t know the direction well.

It is our responsibility to take care of ourselves no matter where we are whether we are on vacation or having fun.

Guilin is located in┬áSouthern China of Guangxi Region.You can reach there from Guangzhou by taking train. I chose bullet train of “D” class as the fastest “G” class ticket has been sold out.All I could say is that the “G” class was better than the “D” class. No offense.Just my own opinion.

I was sitting next to a very cute baby girl along with her nice parents during the trip. The baby girl who still learn to talk even offer me her baby food with her baby language.Her mom was also so nice keep chit chat with me although I was just a stranger there.

The first place that I visit was Reed Flute Cave. This cave was so old already and the beauty was still there although over thousand years. I could capture the beautiful lights artificially colorful illuminates. It was like hypnotize that brought me to another dimension. I took many photographs inside the cave and I posted one of it here.

The second place that I went to was the historical Pagoda in Fir Lake. There are many people there who can help explain for you the history of the pagoda in Chinese (I ask local people on the spot directly) .

Maybe you can try to find a guide that can explain for you in English for an alternative.

The environment is so calm and quite. I really enjoyed my time there.

The third place was the breathtaking scenery Li River which flows from Yangshou to Guilin. To get to Li River, I need to reached Yangshou first. So, I took local transportation to Yangshou.

If traveler confused about direction,besides rely on Google map, traveler may try to ask local people by using body language and try to remember to write down or print out the destination in Chinese words so traveler can show them by pointing out to paper.

I photographed this picture while I was on boat cruise. The air was so fresh and the view was absolutely amazing. I forgot already how much the cost of the cruise but it wasn’t so expensive.

Inside the cruise we can order food. Well, I did ordered a plate of fried shrimp and peanuts. Tourist enjoy the view while having snacks.

The experience was so amazing and I really recommend everybody to try.

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