Learning about Fidelity Investments offers
Learning about Fidelity Investments offers

Fidelity offers clients all classes of mutual fund assets, ranging from domestic equity to specialized sectors. The offer includes more than 9900 mutual funds, enabling customers to choose equity funds, sector funds, international equity funds, asset allocation funds, government bond funds, taxable bond funds and index funds.

Fidelity Investments offers eight existing mutual funds for two market cycles and has at least $14 billion in assets. In terms of commissions and fees, there is no cost to invest in Fidelity mutual funds. However, for non-Fidelity mutual funds, there is a $50 cost per purchase starting in 2014; this does not include commissions if traded with Fidelity representatives. For many investment products, Fidelity charges a minimum fee to open an account. The minimum opening fee does not apply to IRA accounts or cash management rollover.

Fidelity offers a variety of other investment products besides mutual funds, including stocks, bonds, exchange traded funds ETFs and options. The investment company also offers personal financial advisory services for investment, pensions and life insurance products. Their website offers news, insights and research on mutual funds and other products from experts in the field.

Mutual fund liquidity is a legitimate concern for mutual fund investors. The ability to redeem mutual funds into fast cash positions is one of the flexible features of mutual fund investments. Investors holding Fidelity Investments mutual funds have the advantage of being part of a large investment company with trillions of assets managed by AUM

The large size of Fidelity Investments is reflected in its ownership and assets. Fidelity has over 345 different types of mutual funds in its vast selection and has been in operation since 1947. Its stability is evident in its long history and the growth of mutual fund families. Fidelity has more than $ 1.9 trillion in AUM in 2014, so this is one of the largest mutual fund investment groups. It is also famous for its extensive market research, which allows mutual fund managers to react quickly to changing market conditions.