There are things that are motivating and fun when doing home improvement ideas. Choose the color of the wall, choose a carpet, and play with furniture layout such as being in an art class or playing, with a bigger budget of course.

Even though it’s fun, there are things to keep in mind when planning and thinking about the interior (or exterior) decoration of a house. If not, mistakes that occur can damage the house. We will provide stylish solutions for every problem in architecture and home design.

Therefore, today we leak the common mistakes you make when decorating a house and how to solve it:

  1. Don’t focus on lighting

Lighting should not be ruled out. Speaking of practice, the electrical plug must be placed in the right place, and this is certainly done from the beginning of building a house.

But make sure you also choose lighting that has a layered effect, which matches juxtaposed with background, function, and accents in lighting

  1. Don’t try new paint color

You certainly don’t want to be surprised if the walls have been painted because repainting the walls requires time and money. Avoid this problem by first trying the wall paint example.

Draw large strokes on the wall and consider how they look at different times of the day (light and shadow will make a big difference in paint color changes)

  1. Stock up too much

A messy look never looks trendy, meaning that the pile of items you have must be minimized or placed outdoors.

If you have sentimental reasons for the item but are not suitable for the appearance of the room, do not be forced to donate immediately or put it in a separate compartment.

  1. Not in proportion

Placing adjacent furniture makes the proportion of the room more appropriate, because of course you don’t want to tiptoe and squeeze between the sofa and the table on the side.

Whether decorating for the bedroom, dining room, or study room, first measure carefully, and determine the size and position of each furniture in the planning of the house floor

And when shopping outside the house, bring a note of the dimensions of the room with you to check the coffee table for example, whether it will fit or will there be room left.

  1. Emulate all types of trends

Copying all types of trends will make your home look like a circus. It’s better to invest more enduring items to match the look and palette of the house.

Be creative to add a personal touch to the room to show your character and charm.

  1. Too hurry up to finish it

Take your time to think about the color of paint, the type of carpet fabric, and examples of wallpaper. Make sure 100% that what you see will suit what you want before starting it.

After that, you can monitor home renovations or wait until the final results match your dreams.

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