Price of New Toyota Rush 2018
Price of New Toyota Rush 2018

The latest generation Toyota Rush car was released yesterday by PT Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) which is targeting medium sport utility vehicle (SUV), with exterior and interior look completely new.

2018 car models for All New Toyota Rush 2018 were launched with a different appearance than previous models. One of the advantages of this second generation Rush is already using a Dual VVT-i (2NR) engine with a capacity of 1500 CC.

Toyota Rush has just been released this release can be ordered despite the distribution of the unit will be done early next year. Reservations can be made after the Toyota Indonesia announced the official price of All New Rush in January 2018, or wait for a new policy about vehicle tax.

“We will see the new rules set, and then determine the price,” said an expert.

He ensures that Rush’s sale price will be announced in early 2018 with an estimate that it will be cheaper or more expensive at Rp 3 million than the current Rush price of Rp 239.9 million for the lower type up to Rp 267.8 million for the highest type.

Vice President Director of PT TAM said although the latest models have been introduced, but the old model Rush is still sold with limited stock and is estimated to run out next month.

“Yes, if you launch a new one, the old model is still there, but usually in a short time it will run out.Generally one month is up,” he  said after the launch of the All New Rush in Jakarta on Thursday but did not mention the number of old model Rush units remains.

Since it first paved on 11 years ago, Toyota Rush has sold over 250,000 units.

With the presence of Rush with a longer model and configuration of these seven passengers, Toyota expects an increase in sales to 2,500 units per month.

“Target 2,500 units in my opinion is reasonable, if there is better reception from consumers, yes we are grateful,” he said.

This car uses a new Dual VVT-i 2NR engine, such as Sienta and Veloz, to generate enough power for a seven-passenger vehicle and fuel efficiency that is claimed to be 10 percent better than the previous model.