Short Trip to Vietnam Hue City

Our first destination in Vietnam this time is to surround the city of Hue. We used a tour of one full day. A night before we had to ask for help from receptionist to book local tour for 2 people. We were told that the tour will start at 08.00 so we had breakfast early. Our initial goal was the second Nguyễn Dynasty Emperor Tomb, Minh Mang. Location Mang tomb of Emperor Mihn quite far, about one hour drive from the hotel.

When we arrived, the tomb of Emperor quite deserted. Only our tour group who entered the venue to walked around. Tomb building was built at the time of the emperor died in 1841 and was completed in 1843. In the tomb complex of some of the buildings, garden and pool.

After about 40 minutes of driving around, we went back to the bus to go to the tomb of Emperor Khải Định, Nguyễn Dynasty Emperor 12th. This is the tomb of the Emperor’s most luxurious when compared with other Nguyễn Dynasty emperor’s tomb. Interior building wall tombs are decorated in marble and porcelain. In the middle of the main room, there is a bronze statue of the Emperor Khải Định original size.

From the tomb of Emperor Khải Định, we headed to the third tomb is the tomb of Emperor Tu Duc, the fourth emperor Nguyễn Dynasty. But prior to it, by the manager we were invited to a show of self-defense and a row of shops selling local souvenirs.

In the tomb of Emperor Tu Duc, shaped like the tomb of Emperor Minh Mang, but smaller. Due to the rainy weather returns, we’re long at the tomb of Emperor Tu Duc and move on to the next destination Hue Citadel.
Hue Citadel in addition to the seat of government and military Nguyễn Dynasty, but also the residence of the emperor, prince and princess Nguyễn Dynasty. Hue Citadel was the capital of Vietnam from 1802 to 1945.
When we toured in the Hue Citadel, the weather was torrential rain, but not discourages us to get around the palace complex.

From the Hue Citadel, we then went on the last trip of the day to the Thien Mu Pagoda. The pagoda is situated on the banks of the Perfume River and is the official emblem of the city of Hue. On the way to the Thien Mu Pagoda, we were told by the tour guide that the Perfume River water levels rise, so we could not linger in the pagoda. At 16 we had been in the boat to get to where we were picked up. From there, we walk back to the hotel.

Our destination for the next day, we moved to the city of Hoi An. From Huế we hired a car and driver. The journey from Huế toward Hoi An takes five hours and pass through the South China Sea coast. It should be 2 days ago we passed this path using the train from Da Nang, but due to bad weather, we missed the arrival of the train.

The car that picked up us was Toyota Vios and fairly new. The weather today is still rather cloudy with strong winds blowing from the South China Sea. We choose the path Hải Vân Pass, a mountain route that took us to the top of the hill by the sea, a total distance of 21 km. Most road users, such as trucks and buses, is now past Hải Vân Tunnel. Hải Vân Pass only used by tourists who choose a slightly twisted but with a beautiful view.

We arrived at the top of Hai Van Pass at 11.00 local time. Here we take a photo and move around for a while because there is forts kingdom of Champa. After that, we went on a trip to the city of Da Nang. Here, we take a rest in one of the beach. Because during the day, the beach devoid of visitors.
From the beach, we then to Rock Villa Hoi An, where we stayed for 2 nights. This is a boutique villa within 3 km from the city center, but its location on the banks of the river, Hoi An. When checked in, the manager of the hotel provides a welcome drink and fruit teas.

After inserting the bag into the room, we borrowed a bike to the hotel to look for lunch. We decided to have lunch on the beach of Hoi An. Once completed, we continue cycling to the beach An Bang. Here, we get to experience less enjoyable because it was asked to pay VND50.000 per bike by illegal parking in this place.

Finished off the coast of An Bang, we then headed to the city center of Hoi An. We drive around for a while and then buy banh mi for dinner. Afterward we returned to the hotel to rest.


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