Small Size Tattoo Design for Woman
Small Size Tattoo Design for Woman

Choosing the best tattoo for woman are something complicated. There are many women who are bold to have big tattoo with any kind of pictures on their body. However, some of women are afraid having big tattoo on their body, as it might displease people who sees it, especially their lover. In that case, small size tattoo design is the best solution for women. The benefit of having small sized tattoo is that most of the design are neutral, and sometimes unrecognizable. The tattoo owner can still show it off when they want too, but can hide it with certain purpose. For this kind of tattoo, body part used for painting it such palm, beneath palm area, around finger, behind ear, behind neck, and arm.
Simple Tattoo
Simple small size tattoo design is often chosen by women. It is because many women love tiny things as well as tattoo. While most of complicated tattoo might be considered by some women as not suit their style. Women tend to choose tattoo with simple and cute like concept. The picture is also simple as one picture use in certain part. The tattoo design which often used for this concept such as animal painting in simple form (fish, cat, snake, dog, and other pet); floral pattern; musical note; items like jewelry, bags, or other things related to women; and etc. This tattoo concept is often painted with single black tattoo paint to keep the simple and neutral look.
Letters Tattoo
Many women prefer to use letters for small size tattoo design. They can write anything they wanted like the name of their lover, the initial of someone they like, or some motivation word like “smile”, “fighting”, and so on. Sometimes initial letter also often used as it is just simple like single letter and it characteristic is mysterious, since only the tattoo owner who knows the meaning. If you want to try something new, you can use foreign letter character like Mandarin or Japanese character, or other country’s character letter.