An exciting and unique bag will enhance your appearance. Not surprisingly, many women who like to collect bags.

In order to look more fascinating appearance with the proper matching bag. But do not just stack your bag collection without knowing how to take care of him.

Easy Steps to Look After Bag Collection

Actually how to take care of the bag is not difficult. Now, let’s first review the following complete review. Undoubtedly your bag collection will last long if you are painstaking caring for yourself at home.

Usually people tend to be lazy to use leather bags because they think it is easy to peel and damaged. When in fact how to care for leather bag is easy.

The main enemy of leather bag is water. So, keep your leather bag not exposed to water splashes, drinks, rain, or other types of liquids.

If your bag is exposed to water, use a soft cloth to clean it. Do not rub the surface of the bag so that the water is not absorbed by the pores of the bag. Clean it by gradually tapping.

In addition, leather bags also should not be stored for too long. Remove the leather bag at least 2 weeks from the place of storage.

You can also use a special product to clean the entire surface of the leather bag. In order to keep the texture of the skin flexible and not easy to peel though rarely used.

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