Remember that your enemy is actually his depression, not your partner. But also do not ignore them. If your partner is sick or injured, you will not hate them for that. You will help them to get care, right? Well, depression is no different from other physical ailments.

Provide Loving Relationship for Someone Depressed

A supportive and loving relationship is very beneficial for someone suffering from depression. That includes understanding your partner, but it also means taking practical steps to deal with the problem. Move to help your depression partner get better, whether it’s walking together to go to work, delivering and accompanying him to a doctor’s appointment, or making sure he is taking medication regularly.

Care and listen as he ventures his feelings. Encourage depressed couples to talk about how they feel, their thoughts or their behavior, and listen without judgment. You may hear things that may frighten you, for example, a depressed spouse may question their love for you of their interest to live together, or even their desire to commit suicide.

Ask them what they really need right now, and give them exactly what they want. Create a mental list of things that bring them joy and happiness and offer them when their depression recurs. Maybe it’s a marathon from their favorite TV or movie series, or snacking a favorite snack. Understand what they really need during these times and then lovingly offer it to them. You do not always have to ask. You can always just come up with their favorite ice cream and say in a soft voice

A Tough Journey Loving Someone with Depression