There are times when banks provide credit card facilities very easily, even when we only make submissions at random (not so hopeful). Things like this can make us have a number of credit cards that are not utilized to the maximum, and this is not good for your finances.

  • Close the Unnecessary Card

Do a closing on credit cards that are not / rarely used, then select the credit card that most benefit us. This closure can be done by considering several things such as: the amount of interest charged by the bank, the offers and features provided by the bank, the various fees we have to pay, as well as the various benefits that we can get.

  • Perform Closing Stages

If we have plans to cover some of the credit cards we have, then do not do them at once in the same time. This will affect the Central Bank Checking process. Perform a gradual closure, pause for a few weeks between closing one card and another.

  • Use Cards Alternately

When you have several types of credit cards, it can be ascertained if we will have one favorite credit card. Usually this credit card that will most often we use in various financial transactions that we do. This is not good, because automatically we will very rarely use another credit card we have. Rotate your credit card usage, use the cards periodically and alternately so that all cards can be used. Another option is to look for free Credit Card Generator that might be useful sometimes.