Designing android games are not an easy task. But if you have an idea that’s a pity to miss, there’s no better time to start than now. With the spread of independent development trends or independent, making a game has never been as easy or as cheap as it is today.

Designing android games

Follow this guide to start designing and creating your dream game, then spreading around the world.

  1. Make the Foundation

Select the genre is the first thing you need to do. Although all successful games have their own uniqueness, almost all games go into certain genres. Determine what kind of games you want to create, and see what other games have in the same genre. Some common genres include:

  • Arcade
  • Shooter or shooting game
  • Puzzle or puzzle game
  • Platformer
  • Racing or racing games
  • Endless runner
  • RPG
  • First person shooter
  • JRPG or story-oriented RPG
  • Tower defense
  • Horror
  • Fighter or fighting game
  • Comedy
  1. Select the platform.

The platform you choose to develop your game will have a significant impact on how it’s developed. The platform you choose determines how the game will be controlled. For example, smart phone games are usually made with touch and movement base, computer games typically use a keyboard and mouse, whereas gaming consoles usually use game controllers.

There are some exceptions to all these rules. But you’ll usually design the game more easily if it’s pegged to a particular control method. If you want to create android games, you need to apply it to the Playstore from a Google Account.

  1. Write the initial design.

This initial design should consist of several pages, but will be the core of the game play experience that you will create. This design contains the main concept of your game, and will let you see if your idea can actually be realized as android games cheat