-Aluminum Plate Type

Cooking utensils or plates made of aluminum are common items in every home. But, did you know that the type of plate made of aluminum is harmful to health? The aluminum content absorbed into the body can cause adverse effects to your body’s health. The ion particles present in the aluminum cookware can be harmful to the brain and cause Alzheimer’s disease. You can choose the type of plate with stainless steel as a replacement.

-Styrofoam Plate Type

Practical and simple is typical of Styrofoam type dishes, especially if used for large events such as birthday events. Behind the simple packaging, it turns out the type of plate made from Styrofoam contains a very big danger.

Benzene compounds are believed to disturb the endocrine glands that play a role in the human reproductive process, while its micro plastic properties are difficult to decompose. When you consume foods or drinks that contain fat, acids and alcohol and heat, benzene compounds will dissolve in the drinks / food.

Then, what if you already have the cutlery and the type of plate with the dangerous material as mentioned above? Do not rush to throw it away first! You can keep using it with the following tips and tricks:

-Containers for Cold Food

Special types of dishes you are made of melamine and plastics, avoid putting hot food on the container. Avoid also to enter your melamine plate type into the microwave. Storage areas should also be considered. Do not because it has a small kitchen, you then ignore the good layout for your kitchen.

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