The iPhone giveaway event usually held online or by certain parties like to promote their products or stores. The event is similar to lottery, which you need to do certain things to win it. Sometimes the event are held in free, like you just need to share certain videos, or campaign online, and then you can get coupon for that. Another way you should spend some money to buy certain products then the more you buy the product, the more chance to win the price. Simply saying, all of the giveaway events required you to have “luck” to win it. Because without luck, you won’t get chance for it, even though you have tried hundred times.

At least that what people believed. In fact, in order to win iPhone giveaway event, actually there are some logic explanation and reasons to it. In example you follow the event in certain store. They will give you coupon after you purchased minimum amount. That means the more you shop at that store, the more coupons you can get to join the lucky draw with many prices, including the best brand phone, iPhone. Try to look at the time when the event will be closed. It is better to put your coupon into the lucky draw one to three days before the event closed. It is because the lucky draw usually doesn’t spin the coupon as much, which means that the earliest coupon to put, will have lowest chance to get picked. While it is not recommended to put the coupon the last minutes, because even though it placed on the surface part, but later it will be mixed up and placed beneath.

Then if you follow iPhone giveaway online, some event allowed you to participate more than once. It will increase your chance to join the event again and again. Conversely, if the event doesn’t allow you to participate more than once, then you can still participate again using the name of your family who lived in the same address as yours. You can even put your grandma name there, but write it as your address, just in case to give you more slot to participate the event.