Foodvisor, a nutrition assistant app that aims to help people eat better has raised a $4.5 million funding round after generating 2 million app downloads. The round is lead by Agrinnovation while other various business angels are also participating. With this, the French startup has raised $5.3 million to date.

Foodvisor’s app helps you log everything you eat to lose weight, follow a diet or get healthier. You can provide data to the app by capturing a photo of your plate before you eat. The app uses a combination of computer vision and deep learning to enable image recognition to detect the type of food you’re able to eat. Not only it identifies the type of food, but the app also tries to estimate the weight of each item. The company says its app can identify 1,200 different food items and constantly learning new ones.

Foodvisor says it will be using the new money to accelerate growth in the United States. The Foodvisor CEO said “7% of the Americans are overweight or obese,” in a press announcement emailed to The Spoon. The company said that currently 20% of its user base comes from the US and has managed to attract 1.8 million app downloads already. It is available on Android and iOS in English, French, German and Spanish language.

According to the startup, you lose weight in the kitchen and get fit at the gym. Keeping track of what you eat is a good step for anyone that is looking to shed some few pounds and stay healthy. However, Foodavisor isn’t the only startup that uses your camera app to track your nutrition. is a free consumer app as well as an API that other businesses can tap for developing similar food recognition services.

Foodvisor offers a free app as well as a premium subscription for $5 to $10 per month that offers personalized advice and recommendations. In addition to more analysis and diet plans, you will get to chat with a registered dietarian/nutritionist in a premium plan. Turns out artificial intelligence can’t replace real human nutritionists altogether, yet.


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