Sir Jony Ive, Apple’s Chief Officer and the man behind the look and feel of the iPhone and iMac that we use today, has formally left Apple as his biography along with photo disappeared from the company’s Leadership page. The disappearance of the legendary hardware designer’s name from Apple’s site is not unexpected, as his departure was announced in June via a company press release. It said Ive’s departure would occur “later this year.”

London-born Ive worked at Apple for almost 30 years starting in 1992. He played a major role in several iconic Apple products including the iPhone, iPod, iPad and the iconic design of iMac. He was one of the Apple co-founder Steve Jobs’s closest friends who also considered him as his “spiritual partner.” Ive not only designed Apple products but was a key design figure in Apple’s new “spaceship campus.”

Ive is now thought to be setting up his own design firm, LoveFrom which will launch next year according to a Financial Times interview with Ive from June. The article mentioned that Apple would retain LoveFrom for design services relating to a variety of unspecified projects but would also take on other clients. The new company’s name is inspired by a conversion Ive had with Steve Jobs years ago.

According to Ive, Jobs once said “one of the fundamental motivations was that when you make something out of love and with care, even though you probably will never meet… the people that you’re making for, and you’ll never shake their hand, by making something with care, you are expressing your gratitude to humanity, to the species.”

Ive, who was knighted in 2012, has been spotted in various creative events in London in the past weeks. His departure from Apple comes at a crucial time as it is preparing for the upcoming iPhone 12 and maybe its first foldable smartphone. This move will allow him to expand his creative abilities and take a step back from management duties.


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