One of the most anticipated and the first flagship smartphone of next year will be the Samsung Galaxy S11. This will the official entry by Samsung in the contenders for best flagship smartphone of 2020. However, we do feel that the timing of Samsung’s launch is weird and it has not grown on us even though they have been doing it for the past few years now. Basically, Samsung releases the Galaxy S series flagship phones just after the holiday season in the US. Usually, we see that the latest Galaxy S series smartphone is released in the month of February.

This is in contrast to almost everyone like Google, Apple and Microsoft releasing their flagship products in the second half of the year. Therefore, Samsung is not able to take advantage of the holiday season buyers as their phones feel outdated at that point. Nonetheless, Samsung continues to follow its strategy and we will see the Galaxy S11 released in February next year. As for the Galaxy S11, one thing that we are aware of is that it will have a 108MP camera as well as a 120Hz display.

This means that the best display on any smartphone award that has been received by Samsung every year will be retained since a 120HZ refresh rate on the AMOLED panel will be great. Another fresh report regarding the Samsung Galaxy S11 by GizChina reveals that the company will make use of a ‘Bright Night Sensor’. From the name, we can assume that this sensor has something to do with night time photography. Samsung’s patent filing reveals that it is ‘a photosensitive element for products such as smartphones and tablets’. Therefore, we should also expect night-time photography on Samsung Galaxy S11 to improve a lot since Apple and Google now have almost equal capabilities in low-light conditions.


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