We know that the latest MacBook Pro from Apple was just announced. We are talking about the 16-inch MacBook Pro which is slightly bigger in display size to the 15-inch MacBook Pro but has a very minimal difference in the overall weight of the device. This is because Apple has managed to slim down on the bezels to achieve a better screen-to-body ratio. Also, people in the industry have gone on to say how Apple this year has listened to what its user wants. Since that is the case, it has become the best year Apple has had for a long time.

While we are aware that the MacBook Pro is made better with a new and improved keyboard, great speakers and several other features, we still have reports of issues on the new MacBook Pro from the company. As reported by The Vergecomplaints have started to be raised regarding the latest MacBook Pro. This time around, Apple’s MacBook Pro has a weird issue which is termed as speaker “popping”. Basically, the issue is that there is a constant “popping” sound coming out of the MacBook Pro speakers. Once the audio playback is stopped, the sound becomes even more noticeable. On this issue, it is also known that Apple is aware and working on it already.

Also, people are complaining about “ghosting” effect on the new 16-inch display inside the MacBook Pro. People have said that the slow response time of Apple’s new display is causing this effect and it means that the text scrolls through but the slow response time of the display means that you see the different text on the screen than what is actually there. However, this fault is not present when you plug in an external monitor to your laptop so it seems to be a hardware issue of some kind.


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