We have come to the end of this year which means that all of the smartphone launches have mostly concluded. However, this also means that the smartphones that come at the beginning of every year are ready to be launched. In particular, there is one company which prefers to launch their smartphones early every year and that is Samsung. Every year, we see that the Galaxy S series flagship phones from Samsung are launched in the first quarter of every year. Usually, Samsung’s Galaxy S series phones are launched in February as we saw with the Galaxy S8, S9 and S10 series’. Thus, we expect the company to repeat its launch practice with the Galaxy S11 series as well.

One more thing to get excited about the Galaxy S11 series is that is not going to be iterative as seen in 2019. Basically, you will be seeing a whole lot of changes in the 2020 smartphones from their 2019 counterparts. The first big change will be the adaptation of 5G technology which requires dedicated hardware for its implementation. Another thing is the fact that 2020 smartphones are poised to have 64MP, 108MP and even up to 200MP camera sensors embedded into them. While megapixels may not make a huge difference in image quality, they do make a difference in the clarity of the image when zoomed in.

Talking about the first major flagship smartphone of 2020, the Galaxy S11 series is now rumoured to have a 5x telephoto lens which means it will be able to optically zoom-in 5 times. We also know that there will be a 108MP sensor on this device which shows that the zooming-in capabilities compared to the 108MP sensor will mean crystal clear photos on the device. Also, Bloomberg reports that Samsung is also working on a “Galaxy Fold clamshell design”.


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