You must be aware that the latest iPhones from Apple have already been released from a few months now. Also, it is known that the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro series have been the best ever. So it is obvious that the Apple fans are hyped about the next iPhone from the company which is expected to come with 5G support. However, the famous Apple analyst Ming Chi-Kuo has once again predicted the future iPhones and what is to come. But there is also a bold claim attached to the new iPhone by Ming Chi-Kuo regarding the iPhone coming in 2021.

GSMArena reports that according to Ming Chi-Kuo, Apple is going to have a radical new design for the future iPhone and we will not see the lightning port on the next iPhone which releases in 2021. However, we are not going to see what everyone thinks is the future of ports which is USB Type-C. Instead, Ming Chi-Kuo says that Apple will have an iPhone in 2021 which won’t have any ports. This shows that Apple will remove the lightning port and won’t add USB Type-C. But the thing we should be more interested in is the fact that Apple will remove ports all-together.

If you have been an iPhone user from a while, you would be aware that there was a headphone jack on the iPhone but it has been removed now for the sake of switching to wireless earphones and headphones. Also, iPhones have been coming with wireless charging from last few years but the wired charging method is still preferred. But if there is no port for charging, people will have to rely only on wireless charging which means that Apple has to sort out any issues related to wireless charging. If this is indeed Apple’s plan, we are going to see a huge change in the way we charge our smartphones


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