We have had a lot of great Apple products this year and it is refreshing to see the company doing so well for each of its products. We say this because we hear that there are problems with either the iPhones or the MacBooks or other products released by the company. But this was not the case in 2019 as every product released by Apple has been great so far. Note that we say so far because there is still one product to come out of the company which is its new Mac Pro. Basically, the new Mac Pro is something that professionals were waiting for from years and Apple has finally delivered.

We also know that the new Mac Pro devices are being assembled in the US at Apple’s Texas plant which is even more exciting. Now that the year is coming to an end, Apple has finally announced the launch date of its new Mac Pro after its announcement a few months back. As per Apple, and reported by @mkbhd, the new Mac Pro will be “available to order” from December 10. This means you can get your hands on a Mac Pro unit before the holiday season.

Talking about the new Mac Pro, it starts at a price of $5999 for the base variant which is slightly lower than the price of a maxed-out 16-inch MacBook Pro which goes for $6100. On the other hand, Apple also announced a Pro Display XDR which will be available to order on the same date as well. The Pro Display XDR from Apple will be available for $4999 while Apple is also selling a monitor stand separately for $999 which has triggered a lot of memes. So if you are looking to buy the entire Mac Pro setup with a monitor and stand, you will have to shell out ~$12,000.


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