There are smartphone launches around the world every year but the two most important smartphones to release every year are from Apple and Google. Now, this is not in terms of popularity but in terms of what new do they bring to the table. While we know that only Apple releases iOS-powered iPhones, Android devices are released by several other OEMs. While the smartphones from Google are not regarded as best in terms of hardware, no one can match them in terms of software. We know that if you want the best of Android then you need to buy a Google Pixel phone.

And to get the latest updates too, you need to get a Google Pixel 4 series phone which was launched recently. Talking about the Google Pixel 4, we know that the company tends to keep some features exclusive to its devices for the time being. Eventually, they do come to other Android devices but they are first seen on its own devices. This is also a way to boost sales of the Pixel devices. Google has now released its first set of features for the Google Pixel 4 which it calls as ‘feature drop’.

In the first features drop from Google, we get many new features related to Pixel 4’s call screening, performance boost, Google Photos update and Google Duo’s new features too. As far as Google Duo is concerned, it now has a feature where your video call will zoom-in and zoom-out by itself to keep you centred when someone else enters the video call. So if you are wanting to chat with the other person during a video call, you will not need to adjust the camera as it will zoom-out by itself. All this will happen in real-time and this is the most convenient features that we have come across. As for other features, you can check out Google’s blog post from here.