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Apple’s Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR available in the US starting at $5999 and $4999 respectively


Apple just announced a few days back that they are finally making its latest Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR available for customers. Now, we know that these products will not be best suitable for most customers but they are some specific customers. These customers are people who have tasks such as video editing for movies and other colour-accurate tasks. Now, we know that Apple already sold a powerful Mac Pro but the latest one is supposed to be plenty more powerful.

Talking about the Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR, we first saw them announced at the WWDC conference with cheese grater design rather than the trashcan design of the previous version. It is also known that there was a controversy regarding the Pro Display XDR as Apple announced that its stand will cost you a $999 more. This meant that Apple was not bundling the monitor’s stand with it but selling it separately. So if you want to have the monitor on your desk, you need to buy a stand compulsorily. Otherwise, you only have the option to Vesa Mount it on the wall which might not be suitable for everyone.

We also knew that the Mac Pro started for $5999 and the Pro Display XDR was starting at $4999 respectively. However, we now have the prices of other options to upgrade the products as they are available to order. So if you want to have the highest variant of your Mac Pro then you will have to pay $52,500 which is even more than a high-performance Tesla Model 3. On the other hand, there is a Pro Display XDR with different glass material which costs $1000 more than the standard version. On the other hand, you can also buy the wheels for your Mac Pro which will set you back $400 but they will give you the convenience of rolling the PC around rather than lifting it which is quite heavy.

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