We have seen that Apple is known for having a higher price tag compared to the rest for its products. While we do know that smartphones nowadays are all touching that $1000-mark, Apple’s products are still believed to be costlier when we go for higher variants. As seen on the Apple iPhone 11 Pro series, the iPhone 11 Pro started at $999 for the base variant while the iPhone 11 Pro Max starts at $1099 for the same variant. If we go higher up for more storage, we can end up spending close to $1500. Now, we know that the expectation regarding next year’s iPhones is so much that people have started to realize that we are almost a year away from its release.

Not only Apple fans but even analysts are expecting next year’s iPhones to be great for Apple and the markets in general. The main reason behind this is the support for 5G that next year’s iPhone is expected to have. We have seen that not many smartphones in 2019 are getting 5G support and we have not seen any global versions of phones launching with 5G support. So it will be great to see Apple launching 5G version of its iPhones globally.

Apart from that, next year’s iPhones are expected to be redesigned as well with a metal chassis that should look similar to the iPhone 5. This means that the steel frame will be gone and the sides will have almost a box-like design. Having said all this, one of the biggest Apple analysts Ming Chi-Kuo believes that the prices of next year’s iPhone will not be increased significantly despite the changes. Instead, Apple will look to cut down on its supply chain expenses as reported by MacRumors in its report. Kuo notes that there will be a “redesigned metal chassis and frame for 5G iPhones” and Apple will drop its upfront non-recurring payments to those suppliers.


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