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Microsoft will shut down Wunderlist app on May 6, 2020


There is a growing trend of major companies acquiring smaller startups as well as companies which are starting to get popular. Now, the reason behind this acquisition is to grow that startup or company and take advantage of it. But what the major companies do instead is that they shut down the startups and then make something similar of their own. Essentially, this means that they are not taking advantage of the user base but instead of the engineers who are behind making those companies successful. A similar thing has been done by Microsoft where the company reveals that a popular note-taking app called Wunderlist will be shut down on May 6, 2020.

Now, the acquisition of team behind Wunderlist was done 2 years ago and we expected Microsoft to run the app as it is. However, Microsoft developed a new note-taking app called Microsoft To-Do which does exactly what Wunderlist also does. Therefore, reports started to float that Microsoft will kill Wunderlist down the line. That day will come in June of next year as Wunderlist users are notified of this development too. Now that Microsoft To-Do is there, Microsoft will start to make Wunderlist users switch to its own app.

On the other hand, we know that Microsoft has made it easier for people to switch between apps by providing support for importing Wunderlist data to Microsoft To-Do. One thing that we can understand from this update is that any application or startup after being acquired is not guaranteed of running in the same state for a long time. Eventually, companies try to use the platform on which the app is developed and make something of their own. However, the obvious exclusions are WhatsApp, Instagram, YouTube and some other apps which have remained as it is even after being acquired by major companies.

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