One of the best things that ever happened to smartphones is the invention of smart assistants. We know that they are life-savers when we need them the most. Also, the best assistant on our smartphones is none other than the Google Assistant which is much more feature-rich as compared to Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa or other assistants. You must also be aware that Google is known for its smart speakers too and one feature on Google Assistant Home devices stood out which was known as ‘Interpreter mode’.

Basically, your speaker would act as an interpreter who is a person that interprets your language and translates it into other languages which you might not know. All in all, this feature would save the day when you have some guests from different countries and you don’t know their language. Now, it is revealed by TheVerge that the same ‘Interpreter Mode’ available in Google’s smart speakers is coming to iOS and Android phones.

This means that you can now let your smartphones interpret and translate languages on-the-go. As this is a feature most requested by people, it also makes sense that Google released it for most of the phones rather than limiting them to Android devices. At the moment, 44 languages are supported by the Google Assistant and you can even trigger this mode by saying things such as “Hey Google, help me speak Thai” or “Hey Google, be my German translator.”

Although it is not known which languages are included in those 44 languages, we do know that a wide variety of languages already supported by Google Assistant will be there. This feature will be most useful when you are in a foreign country and you don’t understand their language. Also, it comes handy when you want to get your message across. Not only will this mode translate your speech, but it will also give you Smart Replies to respond without speaking.


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