Samsung is one of the first companies to have announced a foldable smartphone earlier this year. This was at the MWC when Huawei also announced that they will release their Huawei Mate X foldable phone. While Huawei announced that their foldable phone will be 5G supported, Samsung announced its Galaxy Fold with 4G technology. Now, we can say that Huawei was too optimistic regarding its announcement because the company has failed to launch its Mate X. Now, there is also the possibility that Mate X was delayed or cancelled due to the US-China trade war affecting Huawei as a company.

Coming back to the Galaxy Fold, we can say that the first iteration of this smartphone did not go to plan. At that time, it was believed that Samsung’s foldable phones have failed and that we will not see foldable phones anytime soon due to the issues. But Samsung came back with the second version of its Galaxy Fold that still has some issues but is a lot better than the first version. Since then, we have known that the Galaxy Fold from Samsung is doing well but we did not have any sales figures. Yesterday though, Samsung’s President revealed that they have sold a million units of its Galaxy Fold.

This news obviously spread like fire since everyone wants the foldable technology to pass through the test of time and we can say that consumers are buying it so companies like Samsung will be encouraged to make new versions. However, Samsung’s spokesperson has since clarified to TheVerge that they have not actually sold a million units of the Galaxy Fold. They say that Samsung’s goal is to achieve half a million units sold this year. Still, this is a great achievement considering the fact that each Galaxy Fold will cost you $1980 in the US and other markets.


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