If you are not aware of how Google captures the street views that you are seeing when you are commuting, we must tell you that this is with the help of its Street View cars. Basically, these cars are normal cars apart from the fact that they have enormous 360 cameras attached on top of them. This means that they continuously capture the 360-view of where they are passing. These cars have to do nothing but basically just roam around and capture the streets which can then be uploaded on Google Maps.

Now, we know that it has been a long time since Google introduced its Street View cars and we have been seeing them from well over 10 years now. This means that the cars might have travelled and captured most parts of the world already. Obviously, this is apart from the countries where the Street View cars have not received the government permissions. As per the latest revelation by Google, they have now captured 10 million miles of Street View imagery as well as 36 million square miles of Google Earth imagery.

The company also reveals that they have covered 98 percent of the parts of the world where people live with its aerial mapping service. While this does not count in the Street View imagery, it is still a staggering number which tells you that only 2% of the world is not known to Google and its Maps service. Putting into perspective, Google says that 10 million miles of Street View imagery also means that you can have 400 trips around the world. Google Maps product director said that “Imagery is at the core of everything we do. We think of it as the foundation of the entire mapmaking process,”


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