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Google Pixel 4 reportedly doesn’t work with some USB cables


We have seen that Google talks a lot about security and providing its customers with one of the best safety measures is the company’s priority. Now, one area where smartphones need to be more secure is in the selection of cables. We have seen that smartphones catch fire all of a sudden and one of the major reasons is faulty cables or unsupported ones. People tend to use cheap cables which are not that effective from a safety point of view and cause incidents. For this reason, it is seen that some smartphones tend to support only specific cables. It is now revealed that this has been the case with Google’s Pixel 4.

According to an AndroidAuthority report, Google’s latest flagship smartphone named the Pixel 4 does not support some USB Type-C cables. This might well be a safety measure from Google so that people don’t use them for charging. The primary charging technology on Google’s Pixel 4 series is USB-PD or USB Power Delivery. Now, the cables that support USB PD work fine on Google Pixel 4. However, those cables which do not support USB PD do not work on the smartphone at all. Even if they do, we get poor charging speeds from them which make them useless.

The problem, however, is that USB-A cables or chargers are not supported with Google Pixel 4. So you might need a cable which is USB-C to USB-C for your Pixel 4 smartphone. Basically, OnePlus’ cables tend to have USB-A on one side and USB-C on others so they are not supported right now. It was also revealed from the report that not just for charging, these cables do not work for data transfer between the Pixel 4 too. While this is a major inconvenience for users, we should acknowledge the fact that Google cares about the security of its users.

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