While the first leaked images of the iPhone 11 Pro surfaced, everyone talked about how that camera module looks ugly. However, we later saw the Google Pixel 4 camera module which was also square in nature. Now, we have come to the point where it looks like square-ish modules will be featured mostly on smartphones in 2020 and beyond. This also means that we are now looking at which square camera module is better rather than bashing them all.

Talking about square camera modules, we know that Samsung’s Galaxy S11 series will be having them. Now, it is revealed by WinFuture.de that the rumoured Galaxy Note 10 Lite from Samsung will also have a square camera module. The budget-friendly version of Galaxy Note 10 series was reported to be launching from a long time since Galaxy Note 10 series starts at $949 which is quite expensive.

As far as the Galaxy Note 10 Lite is concerned, it will have a hole-punch display with a single front-facing camera. As for the back, we will have a triple camera setup and since it is a Note device, we will have S-pen support as well. The device is leaked right now showing black, red and multicoloured variants. The S-pen on Galaxy Note 10 Lite will be upgraded from the one seen on Galaxy Note 10 series. The latest Galaxy S-pen will support Bluetooth 5.1 which is an upgrade from Bluetooth 5.0 support on Note 10 series.

At the moment, we are not sure of what the Galaxy Note 10 Lite will have in store for the users but we do expect somewhat lesser specifications on this phone compared to the Galaxy Note 10 series. This seems to be similar to the way Samsung launched the Galaxy S10e as an affordable version of its Galaxy S10 series. This leak of Galaxy Note 10 Lite also tells you that the phone is ready to be launched soon and we might see more details about in the coming days.


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