We have seen that the companies in the smartphone industry are all competing with each other and wanting their products to stand out of the rest. However, we have a rare moment where the leading tech companies of the world have announced something interesting. We have three companies namely Apple, Google and Amazon who are all in the smart home market with their Homepod, Google Home and Echo devices respectively. All these companies have now come together and they will form a partnership along with the Zigbee Alliance as reported by CNBC.

This partnership will be done in order to create a new standard in the smart home appliances that will make it easier for the fragmented ecosystem of smart home products to work together. As far as the current smart home devices are concerned, we know that they all work separately and based on the smart assistants of their respective companies. However, this partnership will make all those smart home devices interact with each other that is not possible right now. Since the devices can’t connect with each other, it has meant trouble not only for consumers but the device manufacturers as well.

To explain this partnership better, let’s take an example of you going to the market to buy something such as a smart bulb. Now, these type of bulbs can be controlled with your voice as it gets commands from the smart home device. However, the problem is that you need to find out first if it is compatible with Amazon Echo, Google Home or Apple HomePod first before buying the bulb. This new alliance aims to create a new standard where everything is compatible with each other. So you don’t have to worry about compatibility while buying a smart home accessory regardless of whichever smart device you have at your home.


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