You might be aware that the first Samsung Galaxy Fold smartphone was released a few months back while it was already unveiled almost 11 months ago at the MWC 2019. Talking about the Galaxy Fold, we are aware that the smartphone has its flaws due to the display and design. However, it is also the first version of the foldable smartphone from Samsung so some flaws are expected. What is worth concentrating on is that those flaws should be fixed in the next version of Samsung’s foldable smartphone. And now, we are seeing the first pictures of Samsung’s Galaxy Fold 2 reported via TheVerge which might have a clamshell design.

This is in total contrast to the Samsung Galaxy Fold which had a display which would fold into half so that it can become a small phone while opening it would make it a tablet. Now, we have seen a clamshell design on the foldable smartphone already with the Moto Razr. However, Samsung’s Galaxy Fold 2 does reveal a new type of design on the inside as it has a hole-punch camera rather than a notch.

On the back, we have a dual-camera setup which will act as the primary camera when the device is opened but might also work as a selfie camera if the device is folded. As for the specifications or other features, we don’t know what the Galaxy Fold 2 will have. Also, it can be said that this is just one of the prototypes Samsung is working and things could change in the future. However, the world is currently experimenting with foldable smartphones and trying out different designs so it does not hurt anyone if Samsung releases a clamshell foldable phone and sees how the people respond to such a design. There are also reports that Samsung might launch multiple foldable phones with different designs and a clamshell design is also expected.


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