We were in for a surprise recently when OnePlus announced that they will be attending the CES 2020 tech show for the first time next year. After six years of operating in the industry, OnePlus will be there at the event which is considered to one where companies showcase the latest innovations from them. However, we can also say that innovation is not a word we expect to have heard from OnePlus because the company has played safe since they are new to the smartphone business as well.

Now that the company has had some sense of how the industry works, they are also looking to innovate with new products. We have already seen how OnePlus launched its TV lineup in Asian markets. The company is also expected to launch a pair of truly wireless earbuds as well as a smartwatch next year.

Now, a new Concept One unveiling is expected from OnePlus which will have an “Alternate Design, Alternate Future”. OnePlus also says in its press release that the company will reveal something that is not present in the industry right now. If that is something to go by, we are unlikely to see a foldable smartphone. However, it might also mean that OnePlus will reveal their foldable smartphone with a radically new design.

Right now, we have seen foldable smartphones with a clamshell design, as well as devices with a display that folds inwards and outwards. Therefore, we don’t know what design OnePlus has gone for its foldable smartphone but it must be interesting since they have the facilities of R&D from Oppo and Vivo to take advantage of.

On the other hand, we are also expecting to see a smartphone from OnePlus but the company might not release a smartphone and there might be something else so we will have to wait for official reveal in January next year.


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