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Samsung might launch Galaxy Buds 2 with the Galaxy S11 series next year


We have seen that the one thing every company has switched to is ditching the headphone jack. Yes, the last company that retained the headphone jack has also removed it and we are talking about Samsung. The Galaxy Note 10 series saw no headphone jack on the phone which means that the 3.5-mm jack is officially dead from the phone. While companies say that they are removing the jack in order to make the phones thinner, we are seeing smartphones which are 4-5mm thick but they still don’t have a headphone jack.

This makes us wonder if the removal of the headphone jack was a masterplan from them to sell wireless headphones and earphones such as Apple’s AirPods. Talking about AirPods, we have competing products from different companies such as Samsung and Google which are named as Galaxy Buds and Pixel buds respectively. Now, the Pixel buds from Google were unveiled at the launch of Pixel 4 series but they are slated to come next year. As far as the Galaxy Buds are concerned, we have seen only the first version of them from Samsung so far.

However, fans of the Galaxy buds who want an upgrade might not have to wait too long as we have just seen a report from TheVerge which reveals that the next Galaxy Buds from Samsung are almost ready. This is because they have been sent to FCC for getting approval which is necessary before release. One thing to note here is that the new Galaxy Buds are said to have better battery life since they have a 300mA capacity on each side and the case will have a capacity of 600mA which means they will triple the capacity of its first generation. However, the FCC filing on original Galaxy Buds was also higher than what we saw which means history could repeat itself.

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