Samsung is going to launch its first flagship smartphone of 2020 which will be the Galaxy S series. Now, it was said that the Galaxy S11 series would be launching next year during the month of February. However, we have a new report which reveals that the next Samsung S series flagship might not be called the Galaxy S11 series. Instead, we might see the name Galaxy S20 series adopted by Samsung going forward. Yes, if this report is to be believed then it is possible we will see the Galaxy S20 after Galaxy S10 of this year.

Talking about the report, we have this information from a famous leaker named Ice Universe who is known to be aware of Samsung’s plans more than anyone else. He says that Samsung might name the next Galaxy S series as Galaxy S20 and will continue the trend with Galaxy S30, S40 and so on. This is similar to Huawei’s naming system as we have seen with the names of Huawei Mate 30 series and Huawei P40 series. Also, Samsung is going against the trend from Apple to name its next iPhone after iPhone X as the iPhone 11 series.

Also, Ice Universe says that “next year is 2020 and 20 is a new beginning” so he feels that Galaxy S20 will be a fitting name for next year’s phones. He is also not the only one who has revealed the possibility of Galaxy S20 because another twitter user wrote S20 which is a reference to the next flagship from Samsung. Since it is the new decade, we also feel that it would be right on Samsung’s end to name it as the Galaxy S20 series. If the Galaxy S series in 2020 is named as Galaxy S20 series, we are almost certainly going to get a Note 20 series too.


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