As far as rumours and reports are concerned, we know that they are meant to change time and again. It should not be taken for granted that a leak might be fake as people make their decisions based on leaks too. Talking about leaks and reports, we are well aware that Samsung leaks are highest right now since the Galaxy S11 series is coming next year. As far as the Samsung Galaxy S11 series is concerned, the device is said to be coming with multiple camera sensors and we had our first look at the device’s design which honestly looked very weird.

Now, a new report has emerged out of the rumour mill regarding the Galaxy S11+ which reveals that there is a massive change in the camera design of the smartphone. If the new and “final” render of Galaxy S11+ is to be accepted, we will see an all-new design which has the three camera sensor stacked in line whereas the fourth camera sensor will be beside the first one and below it will be the flash module. It must also be said that this camera design looks much better to what we saw earlier which looked extremely messy and confusing.

However, many of us will still find this type of design weird since it is similar to iPhone 11 Pro’s camera module which is also strange and design which we don’t associate Apple devices with. Apart from the camera module, there is nothing much to reveal for the Galaxy S11+ as everything has already been discussed before. The smartphone is expected to have a 120Hz AMOLED display, Snapdragon/Exynos’s latest processor as well as 8/12GB RAM and 512GB internal storage. As far as the camera sensors on Galaxy S11+ are concerned, we are likely to see the primary one being a 108MP sensor which is an industry-first.


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