One thing that immediately comes to mind when we are talking about iPhones or any Apple products, in general, is the build quality and the immaculate hardware and software experience. Now, we know that Android is not too far behind when it comes to software but hardware is where a lot of Android device OEMs struggle. Talking about Apple, and particularly its iPhones, we see that the camera experience on their phones is the best. While brands like Google Pixel may catch up, it is seen that the photos from iPhones are generally liked by everyone.

Therefore, people often recommend you to buy a new iPhone in order to get the best experience of photography without investing the same on a professional camera. While there is a major difference between professional cameras and iPhones, we know that there are times we need a quick photo where the DSLRs don’t suit. Having said that, there are certain areas where even the iPhone struggles and those are low-lighting conditions. While the night mode on the latest iPhones has improved, it still can’t give you that amount of light you need in your photos.

Thus, you need to buy an external flash module which will project light on your face or any subject that you are shooting. Talking about flash modules, we have one such MFi certified accessory from Anker which gives you an external flash on the iPhones and connects to the lightning port of your device. Same as Google, Apple has also started a Made-for-iPhone program where it certifies devices which can be used as iPhone accessory. The first of these products is the Anker flash accessory and according to TheVerge’s report, you can get it for just $49.99 right now. Since this accessory is Apple certified, it will integrate with Apple hardware and software so that it also flashes when you take a photo for instance.


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