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Apple iPhone 12 could have the top-end variant without a notch


We have just entered 2020 and it has just been two days since the New Year’s eve but we literally feel that the tech industry never stops working. Because of the fact that rumours, leaks and reports about the upcoming smartphones keep ongoing. The most amount of reports we get every year for a particular smartphone or a brand are for iPhones or Apple respectively. After that, we have other Android manufacturers like Samsung, OnePlus, Google and others.

Talking about Apple and its iPhones, the company has already planned ahead of what its 2020 iPhones will look like. For this reason, we have seen reports which reveal that 5G is definitely coming to the iPhones next year. On the other hand, it is also believed that there will be a slight or bigger redesign for the phones. A design similar to the iPhone 5 might be adopted for the 2020 iPhones. However, the most interesting change we feel that the iPhones will have is the removal of its notch which feels outdated.

While Android manufacturers have started to include dewdrop notches, hole-punch cameras and more, we see that Apple is still stuck with that bathtub notch. Some say that Apple does not want to use a smaller notch but instead wants to eliminate the use of any kind of notch from their phones. Therefore, a new patent filing has emerged which reveals what a notchless iPhone would like. Basically, we will have a symmetrical bezel all around the display which will house the camera and face recognition sensors.

Reports suggest that we could well see this design on one of the iPhones later this year if everything goes to plan. If this is indeed true, we might see the highest-end variant of 2020 iPhone costing a lot due to the design change and 5G support.

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