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LG Launches Eight “Real 8K” OLED and LCD TVs Ahead of CES


If you are a fan of products from LG, then you will be pleased to hear that they have just unveiled the Eight ‘Real 8k’ OLED and LCD TVs ahead of CES. The OLED models come in two sizes i.e. 77 and 88-inches. LCD TVs on the other hand are available in six sizes that range from 65 to 75 inches. Nonetheless, LG is yet to make public the prices or availability of any of these sets thus keeping customers waiting. Despite this, they are keen on emphasizing the televisions will offer “Real 8K” in what appears to be a counter measure for Samsung’s recently announced certification from the 8K Association.

The latest announcement is a continuation of the proxy war between Samsung and LG concerning what exactly constitutes an 8K television. Regardless of this, both companies seem to agree that 8K is a resolution of 4320 vertical pixels by 7680 horizontal pixels. Conversely, these two companies have different ideologies about how the pixels should be measured. This is because LG relies on Consumer Technology Association’s definition whereas Samsung applies the 8K Association’s definition.  Consumer Technology Association depends on a measurement called “Contrast Modulation” while 8K Association’s definition does not list any such requirements.

Even though there is a disagreement when it comes to the resolution LG’s newly unveiled televisions are expected to provide a much better support for 8K content. The televisions have the capability to support VP9, HEVC and AV1 content natively. To make it even better, the TVs are full equipped with HDMI inputs that handle 60 fps content at 8K resolution. Looking at the internal features, you will immediately notice the company’s new Alpha 9 Gen 3 processors. As per reports from the company, these processors use deep learning technology in optimizing both picture and sound quality. In fact, the processor can audio to 5.1 and video to 8K surround sound.  This is quite fascinating considering only a handful of televisions in the market come with a processor that can match this. For now, we have to wait until the TVs are made available to know more.

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