While you might have seen a lot of software announcements in the past, you would not expect a major brand like OnePlus making a big fuss about launching a software feature. However, they have just sent a press release to announce a new feature which will be available via software update to phones under their control. This new feature is named as “Optimized charging” which is a software feature that lets you safely charge your phones overnight.

In general, you might have a habit of not charging your phone during the day or that the phone’s battery does not get drained during the day. So if your phone’s battery goes down during night time, you would feel the need to charge it overnight so that your device has been fully charged when you wake up in the morning. This is a habit that is followed by a majority of people around the world while those who know that overnight charging can damage the battery refrain from doing so.

Having said that, the latest software feature from OnePlus named as “Optimized Charging” is set to brush away those fears from your mind. Because what this feature does is let you worry-free charge your phone overnight since it doesn’t charge the battery fully in one go. What this feature does instead is it charges your phone to about 80% in the normal speed. After that, it stops charging your phone and resumes the charging 100 minutes before your scheduled wake-up time.

This is obviously based on what time you wake up in the morning every day and we believe that you might be able to set your time of waking up or the device might understand it on its own over time. At the moment, OnePlus has released this feature for only OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro devices and that too in OxygenOS beta builds. However, this feature may come to previous devices as well if OnePlus wants to do so.


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